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We offer the full line of Carrier products, including air conditioners, furnaces, heat pumps and air purifiers.​
Zone Control System

Zoning controls can be added to any forced heating or cooling system as an accessory. A zone-controlled system allows you to adjust the temperature in various parts of your home independently, a luxury you might enjoy. Each area of the home will have its own thermostat and you can set the temperature for what you enjoy in each individual area. For example, you might want your living room and dining room to be set at 70 degrees, but maybe in your bedroom you prefer it warmer at 75 degrees.

You can pick how many zones you want to have, with a two-zone minimum. Most homes use between two and six zones. The components required are:

  • Electronic Zone Dampers to Be Installed In-line with the Ductwork
  • Zone Control Panel (the “Brain”)
  • Thermostats for Each Zone
Digital Thermostats

Digital thermostats use electronic control to achieve precise temperature performance and optimal comfort. Electronic circuitry, soft-touch push buttons and large, easy-to-read displays position the digital option at the head of the class in temperature control. Soft shapes and neutral colors improve the aesthetics and allow them to fit any decor.

A professional installation assures that your HVAC equipment will operate correctly and efficiently.

Hybrid Heat Systems

A hybrid heat system reacts to changing temperatures and automatically adjusts to the most efficient energy-saving method available to heat or cool a home. It is a fuel-saving alternative to traditional heating and cooling systems in that it combines a furnace with a heat pump, rather than an air conditioner. A heat pump works as an air conditioner in hot weather, but can also reverse the process and heat the home when cold weather arrives. Rather than burning fuel to generate heat, the heat pump moves heat without a flame, making it a more efficient method of heating a home. Hybrid heat is adaptable for gas or electric systems. By using a variable-speed fan, hot or cool air is distributed consistently and evenly throughout a home.

Air Purifiers

Improve your home's health by enhancing the quality of the air inside. Carrier humidifiers help you control air moisture, ventilators bring fresh air into your home, air filters clean the air before it circulates, advanced ultraviolet lamps eliminate germs and bacteria and carbon monoxide alarms measure and detect CO levels in the home.

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